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It looks mother nature is done gifting us precipitation.  Like all things, it was great while it lasted, but now what?  If you don't have one yet, consider putting in an irrigation system.  We can help you with your PVC or drip system.  Come on in and talk with us.  Life is too short to keep pulling around that hose.  

If you still haven't given your non-native plants and trees some nutrition, it's not too late to fertilize.  Look at fertilizer as an investment. You put a lot of effort, sweat, sometimes blood, and money into your yard.  Ensure that investment will have positive returns year after year by fertilizing.  We've got just what you need to get the job done right!     
If you have pear or apple trees, be on the lookout for fire blight. Fire blight is a bacteria which can quickly spread throughout a tree and to others if not controlled quickly and correctly.  We would be happy to instruct you on how to deal with the blight or you can also contact the Inyo or Mono County Agriculture Office.  
Let's talk a little about PESTS. Those that love to have vegetable gardens are all too familiar with aphids, hornworms, and squash bugs.  Early detection is key as are the proper control methods.  We offer our customers a variety of pesticides, including organic, that will aid in your "Battle of the Pests".

Now about those codling moths that infest your apples and pears; now is a good time to look at your fruit to see if you already have damage. Look for little piles of frass (similar to a very fine, brown sawdust).  If you have the frass you've got a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.  Pull any fruit with evident infestation and bag it. Double bag the infested fruit and tie it off so NO air can get to it.  Then come on in and get some neem oil for the fruit that hasn't yet been harmed.  
Neem Oil
Diatomaceous Earth
Tangle Foot (insect barrier)
Safer End All