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We've heard from plenty of the "old-timers" that we can expect another winter dominated by snow. Help your newly planted trees and shrubs survive the harsh elements with a dose of all purpose fertilizer.  Lawns will also benefit from a fertilizer boost, especially after the wicked summer heat we endured.   

If you are not planning on a fall/winter vegetable garden, consider planting a cover crop.  Cover crops provide many benefits to garden soil, including fertilizing the soil and keeping it loose avoiding compaction.  Known as "green manure" some cover crops to consider are clovers, hairy vetch, mustard, and  winter peas.     
If you noticed that your pear or apple crop suffered from the life-sucking codling moth, you MUST take the time to collect any fruit or leaf litter and destroy it.  You can place the infected fruit and leaves in a heavy duty plastic bag and tie it off so no oxygen can get to it.  By not taking care of this now, you are setting your crop up for continued infestation year after year.   
Our Spooktacular Pumpkin Patch Opens October 7th.