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Think About Our Pollinators This Year!

Pollinator gardens can be a great way to get young and old alike outside.  There are a variety of pollinators that frequent our area.  The easiest plants to incorporate into a pollinator garden are native plants.  Once established, native plants require very minimal care.  Wildflowers are also a great addition with the benefit of reseeding the following year.  What ever your pollinating plans are, we can help!
Fruit Tree Maintenance

  • Pruning (when tree is dormant & ALWAYS disinfect pruning tools, especially if you know you are cutting diseased branches) 

  • Dormant Spray (before bud break)

  • Replenish Nutrients with Compost (early spring before bud break)

  • Ensure Tree is Receiving Enough Water

  • Fertilize (preferably early spring before bud break & again in July)

  • Check Regularly for Pests & Diseases (look for frass on fruit, galls, fire blight, & leaf spot)